We are no longer directly affiliated with BHA.

We are still offering classes to support our pups and get that ready to trial when they are ready!!

Barn Hunt Classes are available Friday Afternoon at 3pm

Come join us!


This sport is open to all breeds, mixes and abilities and no prior training is required! Barn Hunt is a test to simulate a natural farm environment where getting rid of vermin is extremely important. Dogs hunt among straw bales that have been set up as an obstacle course and must not only find the rat but also differentiate between empty tubes, rat tubes and tubes with just bedding!! The rats are always safe and their comfort is of paramount importance. The rats that are used have no fear of dogs and many seem to enjoy antagonizing them!! You will find them actually trying to sniff the dogs noses and they always get extra treats on the days that they "work".

In this sport dog and handler work together to hunt and find the rats, while climbing and going through tunnels! The level of difficulty increases as the dogs earn titles and the challenge grows!