Upcoming Trials


Jan 23-24 Limited trial- Trailing and urban locating only

May 8-9 Full trial offering all levels of each discipline

June 26-27 Full trial offering all levels of each discipline


North America Sport Dog Association offers many different sports for you to compete in. HDDS was the FIRST sanctioned club in Southern California .




NASDA Working Dog Trials


NASDA trials offer disciplines for all dogs!! Open to all breed and mixed breed dogs, We host multiple trials throughout the year!!


Trailing and Locating

These trials challenge your dog to follow a scent trial to find a rat!!!

Out in the open, where a dog can be a dog!!

The rats are contained in Quarry boxes and are completely safe.


Urban Locating

Let your dog work for a living! Designed to simulate real ratting dogs that are used to rid buildings and urban areas of vermin, all breeds get to have the fun of hunting down the rats in urban settings- barns, buildings, sheds etc!!

As always the rats are completely safe!


Shed Dog

This sport originated when hunters needed to find a job for their dogs in the off-season to keep them in shape. The sport of shed hunting utilizes a dogs sense of smell to find naturally shed antlers from deer and elk. These sheds are valuable and many people actually sell the sheds that they find! During a trial, we place sheds in areas for the dogs to find! The dogs love it! And it is a skill they can use in the real world to earn their keep!!


Lost Item Recovery

Tired of looking for your keys or you cell phone? Teach your dog to find it!! In lost item recovery- dog's start by finding items with your scent, and in the next level they are taught to find items with a stranger's scent!

A useful and challenging game that puts your dog's nose to the test!